Welcome to DIGITAL AGE

DIGITAL AGE is an Engineering Consulting Company, caters services to the sector through investigations, exploration, design, development and testing anywhere in India. DIGITAL AGE works with multitude of civil engineering and utilities sectors, including Water, Power, Roadways and Railways projects.

DIGITAL AGE is primarily engaged in two kinds of consultancy services. First is Geospatial Consultancy Services which serve clients with full range mapping technologies, including Surveying, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetric, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Internet mapping.

Our survey services include:

  • Topographic surveys for layout planning, irrigation planning, solar sites and mining.
  • Alignment surveys for roads, railways and canals.
  • Land survey for obtaining boundary and area.
  • Contour survey.

DIGITAL AGE, by engaging qualified and energetic surveyors try to provide best of the services in the industry to obtain quality data.

Second is Civil Engineering Consultancy Services which serve clients with full range services including Reconnaissance studies, Feasibility studies, Planning, Preliminary and Detailed Engineering, Designs, Computer aided Drawings and Preparation of Detailed Project Reports.